Monday, October 17, 2011

Paper Posies

Hi Everyone
I am going to show you or better yet give you instructions on how to make this adorable Paper Posy!
The Finished Posy

For this project you are going to need the following supplies.
  • 1 sheet of double sided patterned card stock or a large scrap piece, (this one was from my scrap basket, I believe it was from Stampin' Up).  
  • 1 sheet or scraps of a solid color card stock that will blend in with your patterned paper. For this demo I used a scrap of sage green paper from Creative Memories.
  • Helmar Adhesives: Zap Dots, 450 Quick Dry, and Liquid Scrap Dots
  • Ink Pad to coordinate with your patterned paper, I used Stampin Up!
  • Round Punches in sizes, 2 1/2" this one is made by Marvy, 1 1/2", and 1 1/4 Inches.  I used my 9 year old Creative Memories punches!
  • Buttons, one for each flower that you make.
  • Bone Folder 

The Supplies 
You have your supplies?  Great lets get started!
The first thing your going to do is take your solid card stock and punch out one 2 1/2" circle and one 1 1/2" circle.  Set these aside. Then your going to punch out (8) 1 1/2" circles and (8) 1 1/4" circles. You will have 16 patterned paper circles and two solid paper circles. Then your going to ink the edges of all your circles with your ink pad.
The Circles Punched Out
Circles Inked

The next step is to use your bone folder and fold your circles into a cone shape. Just like the picture below.

Circles folded into a cone shape.
Do this to all 16 of your double sided patterned card stock circles. 
Please note that on the larger (1 1/2") circles the card stock is faced one way and on the smaller circles 
(1 1/4") circles the card stock is faced the other way.

Next, remember those solid colored card stock circles?  Get those out because now we are going to be getting them ready to be the bases for our flowers.  Take one Zap Dot and attach it to the center of both the large and small circle.  Then using your 450 Quick Dry spread a thin layer of adhesive to the card stock around but not on the Zap Dot.

The Circles with Zap Dots
Circle with Zap Dot and 450 Quick Dry

The next step is to take the large base piece, with the Zap Dot and 450 Quick Dry and place your larger cones around the Zap Dot.  Then your going to do the same thing with your smaller circle and and cones. If you need to trim off some of the pointed end of the cone to make them fit that is OK. It is also OK if you don't use all of your coned circles.

Circling your Zap Dot with the Cones
The Finished Layers

Notice how the larger layer has the card stock facing one way and the lower level has it just the opposite?  Now you can stand up the little petals on the smaller layer...see how I did it?  I left the lower layer's petals flat.

Now you're going to break out your Liquid Scrap Dots and your button!  Take off the Zap Dot covering on the larger layer and add a bulb of Liquid Scrap Dots...this will give your second layer some height. Place your second layer on top of the first layer. DO NOT press hard, you don't want to flatten your Scrap Dot.  Next peel off the Zap Dot covering and add a bulb of Liquid Scrap Dots on top of it. Gently place your button on top of the Scrap Dots, being careful not to press down. Yes, I know I said that already...but....its an important point.  Once you have your button in place set your new blossom aside to dry. The Scrap Dots take about ten minutes to firm up, but a while to cure.
The Bottom Layer with Scrap Dots
The Top Layer with Scrap Dots

Mazel Tov! You have a finished Paper Posy!

Once the button is in place and it has cured and dried, you can use them on the front of cards, on scrapbook pages, home decor items. Spray with a sealer and you can even put them on hair accessories. The options are limitless.  And most importantly Have Fun With It!  Its not brain surgery, no one will die if your Paper Posy isn't Perfect....because even the real ones aren't!

Our finished Posy and a couple of others I did earlier this month.
Try different card stocks and sizes of circles.  Have Fun!  

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