Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Saturday! Oh wait it's actually Sunday!  I wanted to show you all what to do when you can't find paper that works with your photo the way you want it too. I wanted my background paper to mimic the circles on Siena's pink dress and couldn't find any paper that worked with it. So what I did was, I matched embroidery floss with the colors on her dress (dark pink and lime green) and stitched in my own circles on white card stock. To make sure that the circles were in fact round, I used my paper piercer and a plastic canvas circle. Yes, a one of these!
And it worked perfectly!  I got round circles that were pre-pierced and easy to sew. I back stitched the circles onto the white card stock, stamped my girls names on, added a paper ruffle border, a crochet flower and a polka dot button and it was done!  I love the contrast between the pink and lime green cards stock. I have a lot of portrait type pictures of the girls and I don't feel the need to journal on each scrapbook page I made from them.  However, I do always try to keep the photo as the main focus of the layout.


  1. You are a smart cookie! Great tips when you don't always have just the right paper for the background!!! That is so clever!!! Thanks!

    ~Vanessa W

  2. thanks Vanessa. I learned a few tricks in my travels. LOL