Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween Hershey Bars

Hi Everyone,
Its getting late here but I wanted to post this cute idea that I used to make Halloween Mummies for my 4th/5th grade art class tomorrow morning (I made 28 of them). We are doing Creepy Art...the kids will be learning about Tim Burton, Victoria Francis and Caspar David Friedrich. Along with those amazing artists they will learn how color affects mood.  And I decorated treats for them to enjoy during the presentation and art project. Yeah my kids (the ones at the school) are just as spoiled as my two kids at home.  So check out the little Mummies that I made using full sized Hershey Bars, White Tissue Streamers, Googly Eyes,a Helmar Tape Runner and Helmar Scrap Dots.  

Happy Halloween!

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