Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hey Ghosties and Ghoulies!  So in our neighborhood we are doing this thing. You decorate some kind of container...we've gotten a felt ghostie bag and a plastic pumpkin so far. The containers are stuffed with Halloween treats. So we got these cute little plastic cauldrons and stuffed them with tissue paper, some glow sticks, and one each of these candy bars that I decorated this morning. We left these on two of our neighbors door steps....rang the bell and ran like heck!  It was fun. I like the way the mummies came out better this time. I cut out strips of paper, inked them like crazy with brown ink, then wrapped them around a sleeve I made for the candy bars earlier, glued on the googly eyes and WaaahLaaah!  Cute Mummies. The pumpkins are done with Stampin Up stamps and ink, and I cut the ghosties out by hand.  I hope you all are having a blast this Halloween season!

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