Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happiness is a New Bottle Of Quck Dry Adhesive!

Just when I thought today was going to be the horror show that yesterday was, Mr. Postman brought me a my new bottle of 450 Quick Dry! So as I think of what to do next on my huge to do list...I shall sing.." Mr. Postman bring me some glue....I have the paper...I'll know what to do....Mr. Postman...bring me some glue....450 Quick dry and Zap dots tooooooo!!!!"  As you can probably tell I love Helmar products and none of the stores around here carry it.  Well until this coming Saturday when Hobby Lobby Opens.  I was lucky in this case because I had gotten a Vacuum cleaner company to over night this bottle to me!  Thank You Vacuum cleaner company!  Now I can go glue to my hearts content! 

1 comment:

  1. Our new Hobby Lobby doesn't carry Helmar we made sure we ask every time we go in. We had 10 people ask within an hour on their opening day. teehee Think it will work?