Friday, March 30, 2012

Has Spring Spung?

Hi everyone, and Happy Spring! 

 I hope you all enjoyed our first ever blog hop!  We had so much fun. Now check out this little cutie pie from Scrapper's Delights! I was inspired by the purple and yellow flowers that are growing in my back yard.  I enlarged her and used just the upper part of the stamp because I really wanted to focus on her pixie-ish face.  For some reason I had to do her eyes in teal.  There is a check out girl at our old grocery store and she had the most amazing teal eyes.  Her check out that head of hair. I had such a blast coloring in her hair with my copic markers. I went for a brown with red highlights.  I love the versatility of these digital stamps. You can change the size, flip them over, and even enlarge just one area such as I did here.  I am looking forward to seeing you all on our next digital stamp adventure!  Janice you out did yourself with this little cutie pie! And she is on sale! Go Check her out and all the other really cool digital stamps from Scrappers Delights.

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  1. Such a cute card, and the flower is fabulous!